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Armedika is a venture capital fund and incubator service provider that helps new and existing startups to reach the ultimate goal of having a strong business presence. We consult, invest and invest in existing projects and projects that are just at the idea level. We will help those who want to implement world-changing ideas and can generate

innovative ideas, take on high workload, risk and responsibility. Stumble your business!


Armedika has developed a platform for communicating and sharing experiences with experienced and start-up entrepreneurs. The system allows registered users to reserve time for a mentoring session during an immediate meeting.



  • Entrepreneurs with med./pharm. experience, willing and able to transfer / share your experience – BUSINESS WITH EXPERIENCE – MENTORS;
  • Beginning to start your own med./pharm. STARTUP entrepreneurs or want to transfer their business to STARTUP level, looking for advice / experience and funding sources – STARTUPAs



  • Successful, experienced professionals in medicine and pharmacy;
  • Managing companies or their departments for more than 5 years;
  • specialists from various fields who are well-versed in their field of activity and have accumulated more than 5 years of practical experience in it;
  • Persons with many years of experience in creating new technology companies, investing in start-ups or attracting investment.



  • Once you have established your business, people who want to develop it qualitatively,
  • Owners, managers, heads of divisions of a traditional or innovative business operating for 1-5 years
  • Assessing the advice of experienced entrepreneurs and want to develop their business efficiently, in a modern way.


At the beginning of the business, there is more investment than reciprocal profits, a lot of enthusiasm, and little attention is paid to the structure of the project, long-term forecasts and budget optimization. As a result, about 90% of starters are finishing their work in the first year. Medicine and pharmacy are a very specific market, we have more than 20 years of experience in these markets and we will help you to start new projects or start existing projects.


Contact us and we will help you:

  1. We will advise new startups or existing projects.
  2. We will stop the timing from projects that are not implemented.
  3. We will help to prepare business plans for projects.
  4. Be an IT Specialist in Marketing, Marketing, Sales or Business Development? We will help you to create your project or start on the start.
  5. Looking for startup funding – we will help you find the right financing channels.
  6. Do not know how to get started – courage to contact !!!



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