Food supplement market is rising very fast. Many borderline products are authorized as food supplements which makes authorization much quicker. According to law and to European Tribunal Justice verdicts products should be classified as food supplements or as medicinal products not only on the basis of composition but also on the basis of presentation. Therefore proper labeling plays crucial role in retaining food supplement classification during registration (authorization) process.
ARMEDIKA provides tailored services to assist with all your compliance needs. We help get your products compliant and ready for market. ARMEDIKA ensures food supplement formulas, packaging and promotion is EU compliant. We provide easy to understand reviews of labels against EU nutritional and health claim regulations. There is no official EU-wide list of authorized food (dietary, neutraceuticals) supplement substances. Each of the 28 member states has their own opinion on what substances they consider ok to use.

Our comprehensive regulatory services for food supplements:

  • Investigation whether product can be authorized as food supplement in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland or other EU and CIS countries;
  • Registration/notification of new food supplement;
  • Submission of changes in documentation of already registered/noticated products;
  • Evaluation of documentation for registration/notification of food supplement;
  • Preparation and translation of labeling text . Preparation of proper labeling according to local law;
  • Preparation and translation of package leaflet.
  • Scientific opinion on allowed nutrition and health claims;
  • Authorization (registration) of food supplement at responsible authorities.

Territory and price:
Price for Lithuania – 350 EUR (state fee not included);
Price for Latvia – 400EUR (state fee not included);
Price for Estonia – 400EUR (state fee not included);
Price for Poland and Germany – 550EUR (state fee not included);
• Price for other EU countres negotiation issues;
Price for Belarus- 2500EUR (certificate valid in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan).

For other countries of interest, please, contact us.

General inquiries:

Services in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other EU countries :
Contact person: Augusta Ževžikovienė
Cell phone: +370 688 81118

Services in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan:
Contact person: Aras Tarabilda
Cell phone: +370 (685) 20002

If you have an interest to have common business with our company and have some questions, please don’t hesitate and feel free to ask.