Cosmetic Registration

ARMEDIKA provide guidance on the relatively new Cosmetics Regulation (EC) n°1223/2009, which came into force July 2013, from correct labeling to company responsibilities, product testing and EU cosmetic safety assessments. We offer you cosmetics registration (notification) in EU in the CPNP system (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal), preparation of local labeling in line with current regulations as well as consulting services related to current regulatory requirements for cosmetics. EU law defines the allowed ingredients, level of ingredients, safety assessment and labeling requirements which in turns is important to retain cosmetic classification of the product.

Registration of cosmetic products in CPNP
• Preparing documents according to state requirements;
• Advice on labeling;
• Helping placing on the market.
• Evaluation of ingredients;
• Preparation and translation of labeling text;
• Preparation and translation of package leaflet.

Territory: EU countries, Belarus
Price: EU countries (100 EUR), Belarus (negotiation issues).

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Services in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other EU countries :
Contact person: Augusta Ževžikovienė
Cell phone: +370 688 81118

Services in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan:
Contact person: Aras Tarabilda
Cell phone: +370 (685) 20002

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