About Armedika



  • Armedika founded in 1993.
  • 1996 main business was pharmaceutical wholesale trade agent in the Baltic countries.
  • 1997 company supported retail pharmacy network – “Armedikos Vaistinė” (2003 sold to an international corporation Tamro).
  • 1997 leasing medical representatives and other employees to pharmaceutical companies;
  • In 1998 additional department was established to engage in pharmaceutical marketing services.
  • Starting 2000, the marketing services for medical and pharmaceutical companies have become a major business.
  • In 2011 new department – the Home Care Services for Clinical trials start offering support for pharmaceutical companies and CRO.
  • In 2013 founded new branch company LLC “Armedika-Bel” in Minsk, Belorussia.

 Armedika was established in 1996 and started business as a pharmaceutical wholesale company for sales in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, therapeutics, medical and personal care products. The company supported pharmacies, located in Lithuania, and establish their retail pharmacy network – Armedika “(2003, sold to an international corporation Tamro). During that time, after 2000, Armedika rapidly expanded marketing services sector as well. 

  Marketing services grow into two sectors: leasing Medical representatives and other employees to pharmaceutical companies; and the registration and introduction of new medicinal products in the Baltic countries and Russia.

  Since 2011, Armedika invited partners from Unites States, and established a new service – mobile home care services for the clinical trial patients. Armedika trains and prepares health care professionals according the clinical trial protocol, and provides clinical trial procedures at patients’ homes. By offering this service, Armedika helps to recruit patients for clinical trials, retains participants throughout the time of trial, as well as brings convenience and complains to the patient’s door.
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